Why We Love The British Period Property Revival
May 22, 2022

In the UK, we love a period property. Properties that are often referred to as period properties are Elizabethan, Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian buildings and those from before World War I. Built during a specific period of time, they boast distinctive architectural features and style and tell their own unique and fascinating story of the era in which they were erected, from their sash windows to their classic chimney stacks.

Period properties are often mistaken as heritage or listed properties; however, although they are all stunning and original dwellings, they are actually quite different. Listed properties are buildings that appear on the Historic Englands National Heritage List for England and are prohibited from undergoing structural changes without obtaining permission.

So what is it we love so much about period properties? Where to begin! Period properties capture a part of history in which we have not lived. Whether the property has its original wooden beams, larders or open fireplaces, each one tells its own story of families who have lived within that time and their way of life. Whether it’s the original coving, large panes of glass or those pencil markings of the children’s heights on the doors, period properties are never described as a dull investment.

As the gift that keeps on giving, period properties often have more space and storage inside and out than properties that have been built over the last 50 years. Under the stairs storage and larger rooms with higher ceilings are key factors highly desired by growing families and those who work from home. With all this extra space, the possibilities for renovation and expansion are endless. Many period homes are built on larger plots of land, meaning they tend to have large and spacious gardens, a must-have for most homeowners nowadays. With most having a driveway providing off-street parking, it’s no wonder period properties are becoming more and more popular.

Despite their timeless beauty, period properties undergo renovation work and maintenance, which can be a little bit tricky. Due to their vast age, it is not uncommon for restoration projects to require specific techniques, treatments and care. Using the proper techniques will ensure that the structure of the property remains intact and that the character of the house is not compromised or lost. It is also essential to do your research and ensure you don’t need additional planning permission for any renovations you are completing.

Period properties are becoming increasingly more popular and are one of the most sought-after properties right now. Withstanding the test of time and maintaining their value, their original features, desirable locations and captivating history only draw us in and crave more. Whatever era a period property was built, the charm and elegance is never lost. With an astonishing 82% of British homebuyers now saying they prefer to buy a period property over a new build, it’s no wonder the desire to own one of these iconic buildings is in such high demand.

We hope this has been helpful – we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on why you love period properties.  To find out more about how the Early Birds team can help with your own great British Period Home Restoration – get in touch