Your Guide To 6 Practical Family-Friendly Home Improvements
November 23, 2022

If you already have a young family or are planning to start a family in the near future, then it’s time to consider some family-friendly home improvements to your property. It’s wise to start futureproofing your home, so think about your long-term needs as your family grows, as a nursery can turn into a teenager’s bedroom in the blink of an eye.

family-friendly home improvements

Read on to find out our top ideas when it comes to planning your family home.

Choose A Practical Style Of Flooring And Fabrics

There’s no point in buying the very best white carpet when you have a toddler in the house. Consider hardwood floors and a darker colour of carpet, or even rugs that can be washed but still protect the floor. Laminate in your kitchen can be wiped clean, and the same is true of vinyl. Carpets and soft furnishings are a plus point, but make sure that they are not able to be stained easily.

hard flooring samples 3 Your Guide To 6 Practical Family-Friendly Home Improvements

Multipurpose Storage Ideas

Space can become quite limited in a family home with books, toys and clothing items all needing a home somewhere. Built-in cupboards can maximise space and give you a place to put everything and then just close the door to keep the room tidy. You can even have dual purpose furniture such as a deep coffee table to store toys or blankets, and ottomans to rest your feet on but also store essential items.

Make The Area Open Plan – Play/Toy Area

An open plan to your property is a winning choice, as it allows you to keep the family together without exclusion. As a parent, you can then be cooking dinner while keeping an eye on your child playing in the living room. It may seem like an open plan layout is too spacious, but it actually works to make the setting more intimate and cosier when everyone can connect and chat in one place.

open plan kitchen, dining & living room

Incorporate A Child-Friendly Kitchen

One of the most dangerous rooms in the house for a child is the kitchen. You can add safety locks to the cupboards, but you can also give your young ones a low cupboard of their own to access snacks and their own crockery and cutlery, so they don’t get the urge to climb. Always have some paper and coloured pencils on hand and an area where they can draw or do another activity safely while you cook nearby.

Buy Solid Good-Quality Furniture

It’s tempting to buy flatpack chipboard furniture for your home as it looks modern and stylish and comes at a great price point, however for children and teenagers you should really be looking to fill your home with furniture that will stand the test of time. Solid wood chairs and tables as well as bedroom furniture will serve you well. Don’t forget that any kind of furniture like glass tables and items with sharp edges are a no-no when making your home family friendly.

simple raised vegetable bed 1 2 Your Guide To 6 Practical Family-Friendly Home Improvements

Keep Things Modest And Tidy In The Garden

A simple garden is preferred over something with too much going on. Provide children with the basics and let their imagination take over. Children love to grow things, so why not consider starting a vegetable patch in a raised bed where they can learn about the food they eat. Choose play equipment that can be stored away easily in the shed or garage until it is needed.

A Few Safety Tips

  • Always be sure to keep anything fragile away from tiny hands, whether it’s a vase on a pedestal or glass objects decorating your coffee table.
  • Make sure that all kinds of dangerous chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom are locked away safely and that little ones can’t reach a pan handle or the fireplace.
  • If you have glass patio doors, make sure to add stickers to them so that nobody accidentally walks into it and hurts themselves.

Final Thoughts

Whatever size family you are changing your property for, don’t forget that your main objective is to make a home not just a house. A place to be filled with memories, and good organisational skills and planning your dream home can make that a reality.

Here at Early Birds we specialise in bespoke home improvements, so give us a call today as we’d love to help you on your next family-friendly home renovation.